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Generation Golf Institute provides an evidence-based and data-driven approach to enhance every client’s golfing experience. Our team of experts in golf and sports science provides services that include golf coaching, golf fitness screening and training, recovery, and club & ball fitting.

Golf Coaching

​Techniques are fundamentals of the game. We use data-driven coaching with tour-proven launch monitor and high-speed video analysis to help achieve your goals!

  • Swing analysis and instruction

  • Short game instruction

  • Course management strategy

Golf Fitness

Our team of fitness and recovery experts is here to improve your golf game and overall well-being while minimizing your risk of injury. In other words, you can play better golf, play more golf, and not get hurt!

  • Golf-specific physical screening and assessment

  • Strength, balance, and power training

  • Club head speed training

  • Recovery with golf physical therapy

Equipment Fitting

We are proud to be the official authorized seller of Srixon, Cleveland, XXIO, and Asics Golf. We understand the importance of small details having the appropriate equipment. All fitting sessions are 1 on 1 with the launch monitor.

  • Full bag fitting

  • Wood fitting

  • Iron fitting

  • Distance & Ball fitting



Golf Coaching

Promotional Package:

$650 for 5 lessons 


Single lesson: $150 / hour


Golf Swing & Fitness Assessment

Assessment and performance report (2 hours): $250


Equipment fitting

Full bag fitting (2.5 hours): $250

Wood fitting (1 hour): $100

Iron fitting (1 hour): $100

Distance & Ball fitting (1 hour): $100

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